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Breakfast 6 Days a week

Tuesday - Friday from 9am

Saturday - Sunday from 8am

Groups Welcome

Booking Advisable

Business over Breakfast

There's no need to sit around a boardroom with a stale croissant when you can get an early start and combine breakfast with business so that even if the meeting is boring the coffee is good and the view is fantastic! Whether it is conducted during breakfast, lunch, or over coffee, a business meeting requires a business-friendly setting. However, in this day and age, the rules have been bent to make business meetings relaxed rather than monotonous. Our passion for food, the coffee we serve and the standards we set are of most importance to us. It is about trying to develop a space that is truly unique, captivating and artisan in style. Passion and integrity is the key to our business.

Call us on 5435 2545 to Book your next meeting

LUNCH    served from 11.30

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It is always advisale to book  5435 2545